iPhone/iPod Touch Ready

The more I use my iPod touch, the more I love it, which of course means that I’ve taken interest in webapps and sites that are specifically formatted for the device. Sure, the beauty of the iPhone/iPod touch web access is that you can view any site, and zoom in to read, but it’s also nice when you have access to sites that have the smaller size in mind. This means I’ve installed two WordPress plugins on this site. The first is a plugin that turns your WP admin into an iPhone-formatted one, making it easy to write posts on the go. The second is the iWPhone plugin, which means that when you access my site at the regular address from an iPhone or iPod touch, you automatically get an iPhone-formatted presentation.

UpdateI’ve turned the iWPhone plugin off, so you should now see the regular site again when you access from an iPhone/iPod touch.