This Week in Magazines


  • AXIS (129) features Tom Dixon on the cover, and then offers a fascinating look at how “Design Learns from Manga.”
  • LIFE KNOWLEDGE is a catalog for Birkenstock Japan produced by STUDIO VOICE and, which means that you end up with something that looks pretty much like average Japanese culture magazine — it includes interviews with various creators (including Kahimi Karie), galleries, and even reviews of current media releases. I like the use of gold foil on the front cover logo and spine.
  • SIXTIES (Vol. 1) has the tagline “Here comes the 60s now!” As you’ve figured, it covers most things from the period, with a strong focus on the era’s fashion, and it’s with no big surprise that some pieces included Readymade International’s Yasuharu Konishi and Karia Nomoto (she appears in a pictorial). It’s not a pretty magazine though, as I felt that a lot of the photography was very subpar.
  • STUDIO VOICE (383) spends the issue covering all music genres with their “New Music Context” issue.