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Upgrading the Bike


I mentioned the other day that I was in love with my MUJI bike again, and that’s because I finally went out and got some upgrades done. For the past few months it had been riding horribly, to a point where I didn’t really like going far with it, and my plans to meet up with Craig for some maintenance tips never seemed to happen, so he finally let me know what I should get done, and I went out and did it. A short trip to Y’s Road in Ikebukuro and around 13 000 yen got me new cables throughout, a new chain, and a new set of Shimano breaks, and I swear, it’s like riding a brand new bike. I’ve been out a few times this week — despite rather some cold weather — and it’s been a joy.

Soundtrack for the riding this week: the Teenbeat re-issues of the Air Miami FOURTEEN SONGS and SIXTEEN SONGS tapes — brings back very fond memories of listening nonstop to the “Airplane Rider” 7″ in 96/97. I’m now anxiously waiting for the release of Mark Robinson’s new project, Maybe It’s Reno.