This Week in Magazines


  • CASA BRUTUS (94) takes us on a tour of “Hot Places to Visit 07/08,” with destination ideas both in and out of Japan. I always enjoy these, but wish they would put out some guides, like the WALLPAPER ones, that would compile all of these tips, because I’m not about to start taking notes on every city they cover, in case I get to one of them.
  • PEN (213) also has traveling on the agenda, in this case an issue dedicated to “Musées à Paris” (museums in Paris). The previous issue (212) covered “Eco Ideas 30,” with Assistant‘s Timberland Shibuya store renovation coming in at #10.
  • REAL DESIGN (20) has a terrific look at product package design. I also quite liked their “Super Market Goods Design” feature — I love seeing food package design from different countries.
  • BRUTUS (631) offers up another guide to books — how many of these do they publish every year?
  • TRIP (January 2008) is a new travel magazine — or mook — from the Brutus family, and one that seems to hit all the right notes. The oversized format is great, as well as the raw spine (nice aesthetic). It includes an insert with suggestions on 6 possible trips, and has a few summaries in English of some of the articles.
  • The new issue of TOKION JAPAN (66), with a feature on Jun Takahashi and UNDERCOVER, is the magazine’s final one. Seems like the magazines hasn’t been doing so well for a while now, so the end doesn’t come as a big surprise. The final page seems to suggest that they are only going away temporarily, but that could mean that only the possibility of a return is there.
  • You should also really be on the lookout for the latest issue of TITLE (96), which I write about here.
  • I was wondering what happened to MAC POWER, with no new issues for the past few months. I finally got around to checking their website, and it seems like they’re back with a new look and a new frequency (quarterly). I’ll reserve judgement until I leaf through the issue, but from the cover, it’s looking like they’ve unfortunately turned into a regular Mac magazine, instead of the culture magazine of old.