This Week in Magazines


  • The latest issue of PLANTED (6) focuses on love and romance, with a articles on scents and arrangements. The seed insert is a pansy.
  • DESIGN NOTE (16) covers “Fashion & Graphic Design,” with a look at art directors working with fashion brands, stores, catalogs, and magazines. The issue starts off with a look at Kenya Hara and his “Senseware” exhibition and book, as well as the Taku Satoh-curated “Water” exhibition at 21_21 Design Sight.
  • STUDIO VOICE (385) takes us on a tour of the “Creators of 2008” to watch. It’s quite an eclectic bunch covering a wide range of fields, but be aware that the text-heavy profiles mean that it’s not the best of issues to pick up if you’re only looking for visual inspiration.
  • AXIS (131) features Marti Guixe on its cover, with the issue’s main report covering “Where concepts for the future are born — a look at car designers.”
  • I had a chance to leaf through the latest issue of MAC POWER since the relaunch (as mentioned here), and as I feared, it’s turned into a regular Mac magazine, with the typical tech focus.
  • The latest issue of KATEIGAHO INTERNATIONAL (Vol. 18) has a few interesting pieces, which I cover here.