Creative GBG Contest Winners


The results are in, and below is the list of 8 winners for our Creative GBG contest:

  • Joe
  • Joseph Keenan
  • Julian Littler
  • Paul Baron
  • Ian Walker
  • Patrick Benny
  • Meri Joyce
  • Nadia Gisler

We have 24 items to hand out. Each winner gets to choose 3 items from the list below, so please get in touch to let me know what you want as your prize. First come first serve, so if what you want is already taken, you’ll need to substitute. I will prepare gift packs at Cafe Pause with your name on it, which you can pick up anytime.

Here are the prize items:

  • 1 copy of the TALENT COMMUNITY DVD (shorts by Lars Nilsson)
  • 6 copies of Karl Larsson’s FORM FORCE (book design by Methams Pool — the smaller red-ish book pictured in image #3 above)
  • 5 copies of OEI NONSENS (book design by Methams Pool — the large book pictured in image #3 above)
  • 3 photos by Daniel Grizelj (pictured in image #4 above)
  • Elvine jacket (size S)
  • Elvine pants (size 31)
  • Elvine t-shirt (size M)
  • Elvine black jeans (size 27)
  • Elvine ladies shirt (size S)
  • 3 Elvine hats
  • Nudie Cafe t-shirt by PMKFA