Fashion Brand BOEGE

I was working from Cafe Pause yesterday, as I do on most days, with this time Max sitting nearby (we are co-producing a yet-to-be-announced project for White Rabbit Press). After a while I noticed him striking up a conversation with the person sitting next to him. Ends up that she works for To Beno, of the Tokyo-based fashion brand BOEGE. From Max’s post:

To Beno (shown modeling his brand above) is a French designer, with a background in cosmetics, now based in Tokyo. Created for professionals in their 30’s, his men’s wear is an interesting fusion of casual, soft cotton fabrics with formal features like cuffs and standing collars. Available in a mind-numbing 50 colors “specially created for the brand…each tone tells a special story, thought or emotion.”

There’s a BOEGE shop at Isetan Men’s in Shinjuku (6F).