TB.Pensar 12

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Recently I’ve been thinking about making a few changes on the site. Nothing major, just a few little tweaks here and there. One thing I’ve been noticing is that most readers don’t realize that you can go through the posts on this site by way of categories, which are listed at the top of the page, underneath the “” title. Those are parent category links that bring you to even more categories. I’m thinking I have to make this more clear, and so will probably include them in the sidebar somehow. Also, I don’t have any direct links to date-based archives because I find them to be useless, but am I wrong? Are there people that like to check posts on a site for a particular month?

Recently I was experimenting with using Google Search for the site instead of the regular WordPress search, thinking it would provide better results. I found that I had more trouble finding content with Google — yes, I actually search my site all the time looking for info — and so I’ve decided to go back to the original WP search feature.

I’d of course appreciate getting any comments or suggestions on things that you think would make the site easier to use. I think it pretty much works fine for what it needs to do, but I’m sure I could improve parts of it. The site is probably due for a major overhaul (structurally and graphically), but it’s not something I really want to take on right now.