Photos 4 Food


Stephen Lebovits is a Tokyo-based freelance photographer who has just launched the Photos 4 Food project. As he explains:

As an enthusiast photographer I shoot quite a bit, mostly life around me. And now I want to share them, but how, when there is so much stimuli already vying to capture our daily attention?

I have started posting a variety of my photos on a sister sight (please see Photos 4 Food link). If you like any of my shots, for $5 USD I will email you a high-resolution (A4 size/300 dpi) digital file, alternately, for $25 USD, I will snail-mail you a basic-framed, A4/300 dpi (roughly 8×10) print anywhere in the world. All proceeds from every digital transfer, and any proceeds left after printing, framing and mailing of prints, will be accumulated and donated monthly to deserving charity of my choice – the first being Starting Point School located in India and run by Stephen Young, a local entrepreneur, and his wife, who I’ve recently met while living here in Tokyo (please see Starting Point School link).

I chose Starting Point for a variety of reasons, but primarily because it will also be my starting point. I am aware that there are many people in many locations that can benefit from an initiative such as this, but since this is a 1-person operation at the moment, I decided to focus my energy on helping out someone I already know, and who himself, has taken the initiative to help others.

If this takes off, as I hope it will, then I will do my very best to make your contributions count in the most efficient manner possible. But CAVEAT EMPTOR – I am NOT a registered charity. This is my attempt to test the waters and see if the seeds of this endeavor will bear some fruits, therefore I cannot issue any tax deductions or offer any other guarantee other than my word and a regular report of the photos sold and monies donated. You are all free to contact me, at your leisure, and I promise I will answer every message with brutal honesty.