This Week in Magazines


  • BRUTUS (639) asks “How do you live?” and reports with a look at the ways people find to make their homes what they are. I tend to be quite fascinated by these peaks into people’s homes (an obsession I share with the way people work as well), and so I love this sort of feature. The magazine’s insert, the “Interior Book 2008,” covers furniture ideas in various style categories.
  • STUDIO VOICE (390) presents its “Temporary Guide for Absolute DVD Collectors,” and as you’d imagine, they manage to offer a pretty decent list of the titles (280 in all) that you should include in your collection. There were a few that I didn’t really get though — Kim Basinger’s CELLULAR?
  • This month’s EYESCREAM (2008/06) is the skateboard culture issue and features coverage of plenty of skaters, as well as artists, brands, and companies that revolve around the world of skating.
  • Can’t say that I found much to like in the latest PEN (221), with its “Discovering Dino World” feature. I’ve just never had much of an interest in dinosaurs, even as a child (unless they’re biting off someone’s head on the big screen or in a game).
  • Even though I didn’t care much for the cover feature on business tools (mostly covering suits and leather accessories), there’s always a lot of good stuff to find in the pages of REAL DESIGN, and the latest issue (24) is no different.