Cafe in Shinjuku


I was digging through recent photos, and found these of a really nice cafe in Shinjuku I went to last month. It was my friend Max who brought me there, and I can’t remember the name, but it’s on the fifth floor of a building, somewhere between the station and Kabukicho.


Speaking of cafes, my wife picked up a copy of the latest issue of OZ for me (434), because it has a really nice cover feature on cafes (something like, cafes to take a break in), and there a bunch that I really want to check out.

It also made me realize that I haven’t been to cafes in quite a while (I of course don’t count Cafe Pause, since it almost feels like home). I used to regularly try and check out new ones, and in recent years I think in part it’s been about having less time to do so. Need to change that!