Tokyo Art Beat Launches API

Tokyo Art Beat has released an API, opening up its data to one and all. TAB’s Olivier explains:

We just opened the Tokyo Art Beat API, which, as any geek will know, stands for Application programming interface. What it means is actually the important part: it means that Tokyo Art Beat is now opening its event data, in a well documented format, for anyone with decent programming skills to use and build upon. In other words, this time we are setting our data free, free for people to share and broadcast to more places and in more ways than we could imagine. The API includes not only all the signature Art Beat event smart lists in a format suitable for hacking, mashups and new applications, but also a brand new geolocated search application: give it a location anywhere in the city, a couple of parameter and voilà! Sweet and shiny event data you can feed to your mashups and web apps.

TABlog has more.