My New Biking Life


It’s been a long wait, but I was finally able to get a new bike this week. Well, more like a new used bike, courtesy of my good friend — and biking mentor — Craig Mod. Craig decided to sell his Bianchi foldable with BD-1 OEM frame — one of four bikes he owns — and the price was right, too good to pass up. I’d had another bike on my radar for a while now, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford it anytime soon.

So of course, I’ve been biking lots, a few times to and back from work (Ikebukuro – Harajuku), and it’s also been great to use an excellent little app for the iPhone called Runkeeper. This free app not only uses your phones GPS functionality to keep track of all stats as your riding (distance, speed, etc.), but after you save the route, it automatically uploads everything to their site, where you can access your route as plotted on Google Maps. I couldn’t recommend it more.