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Bianchi Fretta-T BD-1


I’ve talked about my new bike, but today I realized that I hadn’t showed it yet, so here she is. It’s an older bike — a 2005 model of the Bianchi Fretta-T BD-1 — which I purchased from my friend Craig. I have been absolutely loving the ride I’m getting from it, and don’t particular like when I ride my old Muji bike (for running errands). I couldn’t recommend it enough, and wouldn’t be against buying a similar model again, but new (note that the body has now changed though, more curvy).

In passing, the photo above was taken with my iPhone using a great little app called Toy Camera, which randomly puts an effect on your photos, making them look like they were taken with a Lomo/Holga-style toy camera. The only beef I have with it is that the effects are always random, whereas I’d like to be able to select the type of effect. I also bought an app called Camerabag that does a similar thing, but also lets you select the filter. The only thing is that I prefer most of the effects that you get with Toy Camera.