High-Kick Girl Trailer

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a trailer that better lives up to a film’s title than this one for High-Kick Girl. Via Warren Ellis.


Less Shopping Time at Department Stores

Economic crunch in Japan example #46: Tokyomango reports that the Mitsukoshi and Isetan department stores — they are both owned by the same company — will now be opened six days a week instead of the usual seven, also reducing their daily hours of operation.

Update: Seems like there was an error in translating the news, according to a reader (who adds two news links, see comments): “Consider this a case of poor translation somewhere along the line. It isn’t once-a-week, but rather once-a-month, and is restricted to regional stores. Branches in major cities will still be 7 days a week, however with shortened operating hours being considered.”


Off to HK

I’m off to Hong Kong until Sunday — accompanying my wife who is attending a conference — and so expect things to be slow here until then.


KeKe Remixed

Shantell Martin is kinking off 2009 with another remix project — you can see results from last year’s “On the March Remixed” project here — this time with the CD jacket she created for Tokyo-based group KeKe as the piece to be remixed.

Here’s the deal (taken from Shantell’s announcement):

A. Download/print out the drawing.
B. Remix it in your own style!
C. Send your finished results + info to:

Please provide the following information to appear below your work:

City of residence:
A sentence or two about your remix:

No date line…. but sooner is always better than later.


Beams Tokyo Cultuart

Cscout Japan takes us on a tour of the newly opened Beams Tokyo Cultuart select shop in Harajuku — it’s part of the Beams empire of stores in the area. The product info browser — done through your iPhone — is a rather neat idea, especially that they’ve made it bilingual.


MoCo Loco Top 5

Over at MoCo Loco, all contributors were invited to offer their top 5s for 2008. Here is mine, chosen from all the items that appeared in my “This Week from Tokyo” posts.

Food Tokyo Walking

Almond Cafe Moves

Time to find a new meeting spot in Roppongi. Almond Cafe — the branch which has occupied that particular corner of the Roppongi intersection since 1964 — is closing tomorrow to make way for a new building (the current building is apparently too old). This article also notes that Almond was the first company in Japan to introduce moistened hand towels (oshibori).