Radio OK Fred Is Back!

Yes, after many promises — well, if you follow my Twitter feed, than you know what I’m talking about — Radio OK Fred is indeed back and ready for download. I realize it’s been a very long time since our last episode, so I should probably re-introduce the show. Radio OK Fred is a regular (yes, it will be) series of podcasts hosted by OK Fred magazine’s Yoshi and Ay2, and me. We usually just play a selection of music — we each contribute picks — often based on a theme. Guests abound too.

So the return is marked first with Radio OK Fred 09, with the theme of “love,” and featuring the lovely cover you see above. For the track listing, you’ll find contact info on the radio page at the OK Fred site.

We actually come back with two shows right away, and so let me also present Radio OK Fred 10, featuring selections by guest Ega Hiroshi (who you will see pictured above, with the rest of the crew).

Now, I have to warn you, in terms of sound quality, we are slowly getting better and better with each episode. Episode 09 was actually recorded after 10, which is when I purchased the Zoom H2 recorder/mic — that explains the less than stellar sound quality on #10. We already have Episode 11 done, and it should be up shortly. And yes, we are recording another episode this week, and with a very special guest that should make for an awesome show.

I’ll leave you then with the feed for the show, so that you don’t miss any episodes.