What’s Going On?

Yes, it’s been a slow week here in terms of updates, and I just wanted to reassure everyone that this is just temporary. Basically, real life has gotten in the way. First, as seen in the photo above, we have a new dog. His name is Confiture, he’s a Great Pyrenees, and he has his own blog — you’re not surprised, are you? The other thing is that we are moving next week, so having to deal with that. We’re still staying in Ikebukuro, but moving into a traditional Japanese house. With a little garden. And I have a dog. Yes, I know.

Add to that what ended up being a rather hectic work week — and more responsibilities on the PechaKucha front — and it’s no wonder this blog has suffered. And yes, I’ve been told by a few people that the feed to the site is acting up, or has been spammed in some way. I’ll try and get that fixed as soon as possible.

Update: I think I fixed the feed. I wasn’t seeing any problems because I was subscribed to the Feedburner feed, and it looks like the spam problem was only affecting those subscribed to the regular WP feed. I use a plugin that is supposed to re-direct people to the Feedburner feed, and so there’s a possibility that wasn’t working properly (I re-installed it).