Inside Atelier Bow-Wow’s Studio

I’ve long had an obsession with the work spaces of creators, and so I’m absolutely delighted to finally get to look inside Atelier Bow-Wow‘s studio, courtesy of a video shot by 0300tv. Via Core77.

Architecture Art

Ryue Nishizawa Collaborates with Nagai Garou

Ryue Nishizawa (SANAA) has designed a bulging front window for the recently opened Nagai Garou gallery space in Ginza. Via Spoon & Tamago.



Time to get your robot groove on, thanks to Vstone’s new Robovie-Nano, the company’s new entry-level humanoid robots. Designboom posts a few more details and photos, including a video of the Robovie-Nano in action.


Playing Fez

Ever since I first saw a trailer for Fez at a PauseTalk a couple of years ago — when Polytron‘s Jason DeGroot (6955) was still living in Tokyo — I’ve been anxiously waiting to get my hands on a controller to bring that little Gomez to life myself. Well, I finally got my chance this past Friday. Jason is in town for a few weeks, carrying with him a demo version of the game on his laptop. So yes, despite my “current situation,” Jason was kind enough to come on over to my place, plug up that laptop to my TV, and I was then holding an Xbox 360 controller, playing through the demo level.

I won’t go into details, but let me just say that what I played was an absolute blast. If the idea of constantly rotating a world in order to maneuver through a level sounds like a chore, quite the opposite, it becomes quite natural, and you’ll quickly find yourself jumping, rotating, and then jumping again in no time. The 8-bit inspired visuals are indeed a treat, and Jason’s music fits the game’s atmosphere perfectly. Fez‘s release sometime next year cannot come soon enough.

In a related note, Polytron’s Phil Fish will be talking about his upcoming iPhone game (in collaboration with Infinite Ammo), Power Pill, at PechaKucha Night in Montreal (Vol. 13) next week — I posted more details on PechaKucha Daily earlier today.


Eco Warrior Bag

From Tokyo brand Rezon comes the Eco Warrior Bag — the idea is that you flip it over and place it over your head when you spot non-eco behaviour. Via Dezeen.

Books Design

Calm & Punk Gallery + ten_do_ten

The Calm & Punk Gallery has released the Calm & Punk Book #1, produced by ten_to_ten. It sells for 1,800 yen, and can be purchased online from the GAS shop. Via TABlog.


JAGDA Calendar

JAGDA (Japan Graphic Designers Association) has announced that its 2010 calendar is going on sale October 26, and it’s looking like a great buy, featuring works by 365 designers — the designers are listed here in Japanese, but the images will only appear online on the day they represent in the calendar. Priced at 3,650 yen, you can get it for 3,000 if you pre-order it. Via TABlog.

Art Events

In Heaven Everything Is Fine

Rob Judges has a new show on this week at Uplink Gallery in Shibuya, titled “In Heaven Everything Is Fine,” running until September 28. Really wish I could have attended Saturday’s opening which featured, among other things, Rob doing a live drawing performance (pictured above).

Design Events

Shigeru Ban’s Paper Tower

Dezeen covers the temporary paper structure designed by Shigeru Ban for London Design Week.

Anime Manga

The Drifting Classroom

Patrick Macias gave a lecture this past week at California State University, covering “Theoretical Perspectives on Manga, Anime and Otaku,” and he’s now made if available as a download as an episode of his Hot Tears of Shame podcast series (#33).

As Patrick explains, “[w]hile some of this territory was covered before in my speech earlier this year at Temple University Japan Campus, there‚Äôs a lot of new stuff here (including sections on American fandom and Hating the Otaku Wave) in this one hour-long recording.”