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Without Thought

Designboom takes a look at the DMN Design Workshop Exhibition (Vol. 10) held during this past week’s design festivities, with the theme of “Box.” Directed by Naoto Fukasawa, the catalog for the show can be purchased online here.

Music Web

Uniqlo Tunes

Uniqlo has yet another web widget for you to put on your blog, this time Uniqlo Tunes, a music player to promote the retailer’s HEAT TECH line — it can also play your own MP3 files. Via CScout Japan.

Events Meta

PauseTalk Update

Wanted to update everyone on what’s happening with PauseTalk Vol. 35. It is not happening tonight (first Monday of the month) because I didn’t want to have one during the design week, and since the cafe is not available the following Monday, the November edition is set to happen on the 16th. This will be the first edition since September, so hope to see many of you there!

Also, we’ll be doing something a bit different. The official start time will still be at 20:00, but from 19:00 we will be playing the recently released Tokyo Realtime Akihabara tour over the speakers, so come early to get a feel for what the tour has to offer. Its creator, Max Hodges, will be on hand as well.

Design Events


I’m very happy to note that the PROTOTYPE exhibition series — originally conceived by Keiji Ashizawa — is back this year for a third edition. “PROTOTYPE 03” will be held at the Tokyo Midtown Design Hub, November 13-24, with the opening party — which you won’t want to miss, I know I won’t — happening November 12 (19:00-22:00).

An exhibition of prototype works from product designers, furniture designers, architects, and other creatives.This collection of prototypes and in-process design work illustrates the discovery, frustration and serendipity of the design process and highlights how prototypes are used as vehicles for solving problems and generating new ideas.

The list of participants is an absolute who’s who of the new generation bringing life to the current Japanese design scene — visit the exhibition’s official website for the full list, as well as info on what will be shown.


Keiji Ashizawa’s Drawer Shelf

I’m a bit surprised I missed this, but Keiji Ashizawa this year developed a drawer/shelf combo unit appropriately called Drawer Shelf. It’s also featured in the current issue of Wallpaper, as part of the “Fab 40” for Japan survey.

Art Events

Tokyo Portraits

You may recall that earlier this year I posted something about Carl Randall‘s portraits work, and now’s the time to see the result. Carl’s solo exhibition, “Tokyo Portraits,” is on now at BUNKYO ARTS, and runs until November 14. He’ll also be doing a live portrait painting performance — Japanese ink on Japanese paper — on November 7, 13:00-16:00.


Ani Watanabe on BCCKS

Ani Watanabe has a series of travel photo books up on BCCKS, covering Seoul, Bali, Paris, New York (above), Portugal, Hawaii, and Maroc.

Architecture Design Events

Crystal Delight

If you have the chance, come celebrate Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein‘s 20 years in Japan at SuperDeluxe tonight (November 1, 18:00-22:00, free entrance). For this one night, the 20 Crystal Collection — models of their works encased in crystals — that was first shown earlier this year during their Gallery MA show will be on display.