No Games Up in the Mountains

I wanted to do a proper write-up on what I experienced at the Tokyo Game Show yesterday, but find that I don’t really have the time, especially since I’m heading out to the mountains tonight (only get back on Monday). I did tweet a few quick thoughts last night, so you can have a look to see what I thought of the games I did get to try (spoiler: the biggest disappointment was that I didn’t get to play more Vita games).

This afternoon I’m trying to make sure I finish up all my work that needs to be done, and after that I’ll finish with the packing — we’re taking a night bus from Shinjuku, so still plenty of time. It’ll be my first time doing an extended trip like this up in the mountains (or just basically out in the wilderness, for that matter), and each day will see us covering quite a bit of trail hiking, so I hope that my not-in-the-best-of-shape body can keep up with it — and of course, that we don’t end up covered in rain the entire weekend (so far, it looks like we may just get a bit of it on Sunday).

This is probably my last post until I get back, so here’s to a fun weekend, and hoping I have some interesting stories to share on the flip side.