Month: December 2011

  • Gaming at AQ

    Over the past month or two I’ve been occasionally stopping by the AQ office in Nishi-Azabu (either at lunch time, or after work) for a bit of card gaming with my friend Ryan, who is AQ’s resident graphic designer. For these sessions, we play either Warhammer: Invasion, or more frequently, Magic: The Gathering. It’s Magic…

  • Favorite Media of 2011

    As I did last year — read it here — this is my list of favorite media for the year, which is basically me telling you what I obsessed over the most in 2011 (as far as I can remember, since it’s usually the case that some terrific things get forgotten by the end of…

  • Codex 41

    I said I was back with regular episodes of the Codex, and I meant it — Codex 41 is now available for your listening pleasure. And let me also remind you that for Christmas tunes, get the holiday episode I did last year (10).

  • Photos from PauseTalk Vol. 56

    As promised in the post about PauseTalk Vol. 56, there’s now a Facebook gallery of photos from the event, all taken as usual by Michael Holmes. Big thanks as always to Michael for attending and sharing these photos.

  • PauseTalk Vol. 56

    Let me start by thanking everyone who came out this past Monday for PauseTalk Vol. 56, the last one for the year. We were a larger group than in the past few months, and it was a really nice way to share some thoughts on the year that was, covering how various projects fared, and…

  • How I Got Back on the Codex Wagon

    As I posted on Monday, my Codex podcast is back because I’ve finally found a way to record it live, using music from Spotify and mixing in my talking bits, thanks to Nicecast. As I wrote in the show post on the Codex site, I’d pretty much given up on doing the show because I couldn’t find…

  • Codex 40

    Yes, it’s been ages since the last episode of my Codex episode, but lo and behold there’s a new episode up (40), and you’ll find it here. I explain in that post why I took a 3-month hiatus, and why I’m back.

  • PauseTalk Tonight

    Just a friendly reminder that the last PauseTalk (Vol. 56) of the year happens tonight (Monday, December 5) atCafe Pause, with the official session starting at 20:00. Should be a nice way to say goodbye to 2011, and start thinking about what 2012 will be all about. Also, please note that January will be a…