Month: March 2012

  • PauseTalk Next Week

    Just a reminder that the next PauseTalk (Vol. 59) is this coming Monday (April 2). It will happen, as always, atCafe Pause from 20:00 — feel free to come earlier to hang out before the start.

  • On Design for March 2012

    My “On Design” column for The Japan Times is in today’s issue (March 28), or you can read it online here. Pictured above, Normal‘s new Vivid series, designed by Tokyo-based Ross McBride.

  • Codex 51

    As I promised earlier, here’s a new episode of the Codex (51). Just a bunch of great tunes to prop you up on this gray and rainy Tokyo weekend.

  • Instagram on the Site

    I just discovered the Instapress plugin for WordPress, and so you’ll start noticing more of my Instagram photos (which I do take quite often) here on the site. In the extreme right sidebar you’ll notice that it now shows the latest three photos (I may change this later), and it also lets you add code…

  • Who Doesn’t Love Posters?

    I know it’s been slow going these days here, and oh how I wish I could share with you some of the cool things we’re developing on the PechaKucha front, but that’ll have to wait for a bit. One fun little thing I did the other day was to put together a Tumblr blog to…

  • March 11: Inspire Japan iBook

    Today is March 11, which marks the anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan both with its initial impact, and with the nuclear scare that followed, and that continues to worry us. Last year, about a month after that date, we organized a global PechaKucha event we called Inspire Japan, to help raise…

  • PauseTalk Tonight

    Yes, it’s cold and rainy, but don’t let that stop you from coming down tonight (March 5) to PauseTalk Vol. 58 at Cafe Pause — official session starts to 20:00, feel free to come earlier. Also, as promised, over the weekend I added quite a few galleries of photos from past PauseTalk events, all taken…

  • Codex 50

    Here we are, episode 50 of the Codex, and to mark the occasion I’ve decided to spotlight one band, and for anyone who has been listening regularly to the show, it should come as no suprise that it’s The Pixies. They remain my favorite band to this day, and so here’s a collection of 10…

  • Codex 49

    A new episode of my Codex podcast is up (49), for your enjoyment. Yes, that means the next episode is the momentous no. 50, and I do know what I will do — you can possibly guess if you know a thing or two about my musical tastes.

  • PauseTalk Next Monday

    Just realized I forgot to post a reminder that this coming Monday (March 5) is the time for PauseTalk Vol. 58, at Cafe Pause as always, with the regular start time of 20:00. Also, I’ll be adding all of the amazing photos that Michael Holmes has been taking at recent events on the Facebook page…