Tweet, Tweet, Twiddle, Twiddle

There’s only one candy with a hole in the middle.

Apologies for the unnecessary callback to a long-forgotten 80s TV commercial, but this is my clever way (I try) of bringing up the topic of Twitter, and why I suddenly fell off the Twitterscape a couple of weeks ago.

I tweeted a lot, too much really. The number of tweets I’ve tweeted, as of today, is 28,641, which is a ridiculous number. I would just tweet all day long, tweeting idle thoughts, interesting links that I dug up — or that were sent to me. I liked reading tweets too, and started every day with a cup of coffee and my iPad on my lap, going through the overnight tweets I had missed, and then continuing to check in throughout the day. Then I had a shit week.

When things just don’t go your way, that can be a sign that you need to withdraw for a bit — or else you’ll just start spreading and oversharing that negativity. So what started as me just not wanting to be social — and not really wanting to read about the trivialities (and I’m the first to admit that all my tweets are trivial) of what others were up to — ended up with me realizing that all of that time spent around Twitter could be better spent. Instead of writing a constant stream of ideas that are lost in the Twittersphere, why not spend that time instead developing those ideas, and sharing them somewhere that has more permanence and archivability to it. You know, like a blog.

And that brings me to where I’m at now. I’m still tweeting to signal things that I’m up to — like a newCodex episode or a new post on this site — but I’ve stopped reading other people’s feeds. I’m trying to blog more too, which is something that had fallen by the wayside over the past couple of years.

Writing is fun, and I’m starting to like having more than 140 characters of space to do it.