Codex 56

The latest episode of the Codex (56) will not be for everyone.

In general, I think listeners have come to expect a certain type of music selection on the show — for the most part, going from indie rock to alternative to electronica, and whatever other genre falls through those cracks — but I do have a pretty wide range of taste in music, and I think the only genre that I truly can’t stand is country music. I’ve had one themed episode in the past that explored a different kind of music genre — Codex 30, in which I played some of my favorite classic jazz — and this time I go to the opposite end of the spectrum.

I don’t know if I can really describe all of the music on Codex 56 as “hardcore” — maybe it’s more punk, post-punk, or whatever other derivative you can think of — but basically, this latest episode is a collection of some of the tracks that I fondly remember listening to when I was much younger (I still think it’s great stuff though). This is a mix that should be taken in when you need a hit of speed and agressiveness, and as you’d expect from the genre, it ends up being the shortest episode yet, at just 20-25 minutes.

Pay no mind to us. We’re just a minor threat.

By Jean Snow

Production Services Manager at Ubisoft Shanghai. Before that, half a life spent in Tokyo.