Toe and Nathan

I may blog for myself, but this sure made me feel good.

I was checking my @replies on Twitter, and saw this tweet:

8 years ago today, @jeansnow posted this …and that’s how @nathanadams found me. Thank you, Jean. I still owe you a lot!

It was posted by Toe Adams (@pantone185), and this is the post she refers to:

I’ve just been turned on to a really nice blog called Groovisual Diary. It’s written by a Japanese girl called Toe, and she writes all her entries in Japanese and English. The only sad thing is that she wrote a post today saying that she plans on stopping the blog. If you’re into the kind of stuff I talk about here, then you’re sure to enjoy her site, so have a look, and let her know if you’d like to see her keep going.

Even though we haven’t been in touch in years — I would say around the time of that post — I do remember quite enjoying Toe’s blog, and the few emails that we exchanged at the time. But I never knew that that my humble post resulted in this.


Thanks, Toe, for the kind words, and thank you, Nathan, for following my site all those years ago.

By Jean Snow

Production Services Manager at Ubisoft Shanghai. Before that, half a life spent in Tokyo.