CAGcast 300

300 of anything is impressive, let alone a weekly podcast.

To CheapyD and the CAGcast crew — Wombat and Shipwreck — huge congrats on reaching episode 300 this past week.

I can’t remember exactly from which number I started listening (I think it was in early 100s), but I do remember the story that kicked off the episode — about a guy who was stoned and running amok in the streets after leaving a party.

I started listening to the show after I befriended Cheapy — or David Abrams, if you will — which was around the time of the release of Arcade Mania. I think we interacted a few times online at first, and then I met him for the first time — along with his lovely wife, Shima — at the launch party for the book, which was held at Cafe Pause here in Ikebukuro, in September of 2008 (in Japan, it came out the following January in the US).

Since then we’ve become good friends, and I remain a fan of the show, and have never missed an episode.

Again, congrats CAGcast, and here’s to many more episodes of doodie and game talk.