TDW 2012

What a week.

This was certainly the busiest design week I’ve ever had, and I barely even saw anything. All the work was of course because of the very big — and very successful — PechaKucha Night we produced as part of Tokyo Designers Week 2012. This was then followed by a mini PK session the following night at SuperDeluxe‘s 10th anniversary party, which was a hell of a lot of fun — once the presentations were over, it was time to finally let loose.

It was interesting to take in design week this way. I of course have covered it many times over the years as a writer, and although I don’t really do that anymore, my “On Design” column for The Japan Times this month was an intro to the event (and instead of the regular long column on the side, it was the feature article on the page, taking up the entire upper half), and I always grab the opportunity to check in on some of the events, to find things I can cover in future columns.

I did get to attend the opening party for DesignTide, and although I had a limited amount of time to see the booths — I had to check in on our venue for the PKN that same night — I did find a few things I’ll likely cover in “On Design,” and it was good to see a few friends as well.

As far as that big PKN goes, we’ve already started sharing presentations online, and more will be added over the coming days.

Oh, and wait till you see our brand spanking new PechaKucha website, which launches soon…

By Jean Snow

Production Services Manager at Ubisoft Shanghai. Before that, half a life spent in Tokyo.