Holiday Break

My holidays start… here.

As I’ve probably written on this blog a bunch of times over the years, Christmas isn’t much of thing here in Japan — and in fact I was at the office on that very day — but the New Year is. That means that PechaKucha HQ — located within the KDa office — is closed next week, and so I’m on the holiday break as of today.

So what have I done so far?

I always enjoy getting a slow start on Saturdays, having coffee while still in the futon, reading various things on my iPad. It just becomes that much sweeter when you know that you have a week of doing this every day ahead of you.

I’ve been enjoying some of the year-end issues — Entertainment Weekly, Time, and Huffington — and for no particular reason, I accompanied it with the 80s radio station on Spotify. Made for a nice contrast: Scenes of Sandy, Obama, and Gangnam Style, to the sounds of Tear for Fears and Flock of Seagulls.

This morning’s gaming was mostly taken up by Into the Dead and Northmark on iPad, and later, while I was out and about, I played some Spectromancer on iPhone (one of my favorite games this year, although I usually play it on iPad).

I was very late with it, but I finally posted the list of attendees from this past month’s edition ofPauseTalk (Vol. 66). That’s what the holidays are for, right?

My next mission is to finish my annual “favorite media of the year” post, which I’ll then follow up with a couple of episodes of the Codex for my favorite tracks and favorite albums.

But first up, I think a nice cold stout is in order.