Hello, 2013

Here we are, 2013.

My Eve ended up happening pretty much like I described in yesterday’s post, and yes, I couldn’t help myself and I did indeed end up live tweeting Kohaku.

It’s beyond my control.

Feels good starting a new year. Not to say that the last one was bad or anything, but that sensation of an entire year ahead of you, waiting to be manipulated and molested is a great one.

The one thing I do know will happen this year is that I will move by the end of June — the contract for where we live has not be renewed — and that’s going to be a big deal. And a stressful thing. I can tell you that on the PechaKucha side of things, as I’ve been teasing, there’s some really cool stuff on the horizon, and the launch of the new site only marked the beginning.

I also look forward to those things that happen that you didn’t know where going to happen, and end up shaking up your entire world.

That stuff rocks.

Happy 2013, everyone — let’s see how kick-ass we can make it.