November Spawned Monster

This post has nothing to do with Morrissey.

Does my last update date back to the summer? Oh my. You can probably guess that it’s been some busy times, first with the big PechaKucha Global Night we did back in September, and then this past week’s design festivities, which saw us do 3 PechaKucha events over the past 5 days (at the British Embassy on Monday, our big Tokyo Designers Week event on Wednesday, and then a collaboration with Artek at DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA on Thursday) — and we still have a regular PechaKucha Night (Vol. 108) this coming Wednesday.

Can I breathe yet?

As successful as this past week was, I did take great pleasure in getting back home last night after work, cracking open a tall boy of Yebisu Kohaku, munching on famichiki, while watching more episodes of Twin Peaks – I’m currently watching the series for at least the 4th time in my life.

Fire walk with me.

Speaking of Twin Peaks, my wife made an interesting observation last night. Although most people feel that the series went downhill after we learn who killed Laura Palmer, she feels it gets even more interesting from that point, more weird. I don’t know if it gets better, but I certainly love the entire series, and love being in that world again. We even dance and snap our fingers along with the show, when that paricular funky music comes on.

I really do hope that the rumors of a return to Twin Peaks are true. It’s all I want for Christmas.

How about that new Arcade Fire album? Pretty great, huh. A lot of great music has come out over the past couple of months, and I really do need to get a few new episodes of the Codex recorded.

I have been watching lots of stuff during this time, and playing games of course. Don’t believe me? Check my Tumblr for proof. I’m much more active on Twitter too.

There were rumours he was into field hockey players.