I will say, this is one damn cool game. I really enjoyed playing through this – takes about 2 hours to go through this first episode – and I really can’t wait for the next episodes to come out. My favorite aspect of the game is that you are not really controlling the character of Hope, but rather “spying” on her surroundings, using the security cameras to see what’s going on, and then telling her where she should go – and to also hack the environment. It’s a great idea, and really suits the touch screen controls. You get quite addicted to jumping from one camera to the next, finding the best way to get Hope through the rooms. I did encounter a few times where she didn’t go exactly where I was expecting her to go, which resulted in her getting discovered, but it didn’t happen too often. Very slick presentation too, and as a backer (through Kickstarter), due to the complications of getting the game to us, they gave us a few extra digital “feelies” that are quite nice, including 2 episodes of an interesting documentary on the making of the game, and a nicely designed PDF of a “book” from the game, that gives you cool narrative background on the world. I’m happy they went the episodic route – like with the Telltale games, I like being able to play through an episode in one sitting, getting the full experience in one shot – and I think they did a great thing when you finish the first episode to tease the next one with a short video preview, done documentary style.