Electronic Fun with Magazines

I sure miss video game magazines from the 80s.

I was reminded of this when I watched the short that was released today by Area 5, in order to tease and help promote the Kickstarter campaign for Outerlands, a 6-episode documentary series covering video game culture.

It’s something you should be backing.

In the short, we visit the home of Frank Cifaldi, and we are introduced to his — in his words — complete collection of 80s video game magazines. He starts flipping through the very first issue ofElectronic Games, an issue I remember reading.

I loved those magazines.

My favorites were Electronic Games and also Electronic Fun with Computer and Games. I read tons more, but those are the two that stick in my mind. I probably had most of the runs back in the day, but I ended up getting rid of all my magazines — I used to keep everything, including a full run of Wired, from the first issue — when I moved to Japan.

Yes, I did that.

In recent years I have been turning into someone who is gradually trying to get rid of physical stuff, as I learn to appreciate accessing everything in digital form. When it comes to stuff like these old magazines, it has been great to find online scans — here is the complete run of Electronic Fun (all 17 issues).

But seeing Frank flip through that issue of Electronic Games resulted in a nostalgic mindwarp that really had me wishing I still had that original collection.

I do thank Area 5, and Frank Cifaldi, for reminding me just how great it’s been growing up in sync with the world of video games.

By Jean Snow

Production Services Manager at Ubisoft Shanghai. Before that, half a life spent in Tokyo.