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Nintendo Land

I finally got to play some multiplayer Nintendo Land last night, and it was an absolute blast. Before that I had tried a few of the solo games, and although they were fine, it wasn’t really the kind of thing I’d go back to. But having a bunch of friends over and playing through stuff like the Luigi’s Mansion or Animal Crossing inspired games were just so damn fun. But man, there were some frustrating – and downright ridiculous – things to deal with. First off is that for some reason, Nintendo Land refuses to let you use a pro controller for any of the games – I had the Wii U controller and two Wiimotes, and a friend brought over his pro controller. It makes no sense. Also, when you play most of these games, you are using the Wiimotes sideways (as NES-style controllers), but for some reason, only on the screen where you select your avatars, you have to hold them like a remote to make the selection (not by pointing, but just to use the digital pad to make the selection). Sure, it’s small stuff, but it really doesn’t make sense. I will say that the aesthetics are incredibly colorful, and it’s simply a beautiful game to play, even compared to stuff you see on the PS4. It’s also a nice touch that you see video of the face of the person who is using the Wii U controller on the TV screen on some of the games. I look forward to playing more of this next time I have friends over.

By Jean Snow

Production Services Manager at Ubisoft Shanghai. Before that, half a life spent in Tokyo.