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Captain Harlock

I should start by saying that as a kid, Captain Harlock – or Albator, as I knew him in French – was my absolute favorite series. I loved that show so much, and my obsession with LEGO blocks was to constantly be building massive Arcadia-style ships, one after the other. So I was of course excited to see a CG animated version of it, and I must say, this film is stunning to look at. They really did an amazing job with the animation, and found the right balance between realism and the original look of the world and characters. In terms of the story, I honestly can’t remember if it’s similar to the series I watched as a kid (which would have been the one that aired in the early eighties), but it was fine, if not particularly special. I won’t lie, most of my enjoyment from watching this was for the visuals, and to see all of these characters in action, and the giant ship battles – although I wouldn’t have minded having a few more of those. I don’t know if it was a financial success, but I sure hope they continue to make more.

By Jean Snow

Senior Manager, Esports at Ubisoft. Before that, half a life spent in Tokyo.