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I’ve gone through some mixed feelings on this game, since I’ve been playing (for 2 days now). At first I was disappointed that it didn’t really end up having more story that what we experienced in the Alpha and Beta tests – and it also made me regret playing those 2 releases, since I was now replaying those same beginning missions for a third time, in settings that are now becoming too familiar. But yes, the action itself is incredibly fun, I absolutely love the art direction and the worlds I’m playing in (I just hit Venus), and when you’re playing with friends, it’s truly a blast. I was feeling a bit frustrated at first while trying to play through the story missions alone – since pretty much all my friends are level 20+ now – and was finding it quite challenging during the final battles, but I have managed to get through quite a few of them, and then capped that off with some fun play sessions last night and today with friends. And hey, I finally saw a long cutscene that hinted at something really interesting. I’m playing this a hell of a lot more than I normally do when I get a new game, and that alone should be a sign of how much enjoyment I’m getting out of it.

By Jean Snow

Senior Manager, Esports at Ubisoft. Before that, half a life spent in Tokyo.