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I love platforming, but I’m not particularly attracted to games that punish me – I only truly got into Dark Souls once I was able to play it with a couch co-pilot, who coached me through it. I always liked what I saw from the N series, but never ended up playing it that much because of difficulty (I refer here to N+, the first sequel). Getting to know the creators, and understanding/realizing their appreciation for good design (not just in gameplay, but in the graphical sense as well), I started getting excited at the idea of playing N++, and I wasn’t disappointed. From the fantastic minimalist and stark take on graphics – I don’t quite get why this game isn’t getting covered more in the graphic design world – to the insane amount of content, this is quite the game. I’m taking my time with it, going in every couple of days to do a few level sets (they are in packs of 5), and that suits me fine.

By Jean Snow

Senior Manager, Esports at Ubisoft. Before that, half a life spent in Tokyo.