So for quite a few years now, I’ve had a hard time getting through novels. I of course read tons, but it’s all on web, magazines, and comics. I’m better at reading non-fiction, but I recently tried to get recommendations for some fantastic non-genre, fairly recent novels (literature/fiction) that I could sink my teeth in, real page turners. I wanted to avoid sci-fi, adventure, etc. as that’s the stuff that I usually turn to. I got a great bunch of recommendations from friends, and the first book to kick off this reading spurt was The Room, by Swedish author Jonas Karlsson (and nothing to do with that infamous movie). It’s a quick read, and so it was the perfect thing to get me started, and I absolutely loved it. I wouldn’t want to say too much about it, but it’s the strange Kafkaesque story of a man dealing with working in a new office environment. I definitely recommend it.