Southern Bastards

This is one of those comic series that I missed jumping on when it launched, and then kept hearing tons of good things about it from friends, but was too lazy (or just forgot) to check it out. With the year-end “best of” lists popping up, I was reminded that I should finally get around to it, and so I did by reading the first volume, which compiles the first 4 issues. Wow. This suddenly shot up to what is possibly my favorite series of the year. I’m quickly catching up – I already read the fantastic second volume as well – and am already sad that I’ll soon be getting to a point where I’ll have to wait like everyone else for a new issue to come out. It’s just amazing how these characters are built up, then leading to unexpected results – and it’s amazing how the series made me care (or sympathized) for a character I would normally find wretched. I’m just so in love with this series right now.