Sparrow Racing League

There’s no denying that Destiny has played a huge role in my gaming life this year – it also has the distinction of being the game I’ve played the most, ever (total hours). Sometime in late October I did finally burn out on it – partly in frustration that I wasn’t managing to level up my gear at a good pace, and also that the people I had been mostly playing with where dropping out too – and so hadn’t played at all until last week, to check out the new “Sparrow Racing League” event. The first time I played Destiny, during the alpha test in 2014, the first thought I had was that I so wanted to race Sparrows. Well, that’s exactly what we got, and wow, is it ever fun. I’m unfortunately not completely sold on it yet. There are only 2 tracks, and I’ve already tired of racing on them. And I can’t seem to get better than a 3rd place finish, which I’m finding frustrating, in part because I’m not sure if I’m just not good at the racing part, or if it’s because I need a better Sparrow. And so far, I have not been getting good drops after the races. Verdict? I won’t say that I’ve already given up on it, but I definitely am not playing it as much as I thought I would. Also, so far, the pull of racing has still not made me want to get back into playing regular missions or the Crucible.