The Force Awakens

The question is not really how much did I enjoy this movie, but rather, how many times will I go see it in theatres before I’m satisfied. The praise for this film seems pretty much universal – at least from the reactions from my friends I’m seeing on my social media timelines – but yeah, this was absolutely as good if not better as I think I could ever imagine getting. JJ absolutely gets what makes a good Star Wars movie, and I am truly bummed that he won’t be directing Episodes 8 and 9. Not only did I love the story, the visuals, the characters, but it was just a hell of a fun ride that I wanted to stay on forever. I lost track of how many times I welled up throughout, and my wife as well, who literally cried with joy when the opening scrawl started, and when the film ended. For me, there really was only one fault, and it’s that it ends, and didn’t just keep going… (And yes, it was added to my list of favorite 5 films of the year.)