The Vision

I read a lot of comics – and I mean, A LOT – but one thing that I noticed in 2015 is that I gradually started losing interest in pretty much all of the super-hero series being put out by the Big 2 (DC and Marvel). One exception is a series that is only on its 3rd issue (out this week), The Vision. Yup, the Vision of Avengers fame, but this is not your typical super-hero tale. The setup is that the Vision creates himself a family (a wife and 2 kids) and tries to give himself a life in suburbia. Weirdness ensues. It’s written by Tom King, a person who is very much turning into my favorite writer in mainstream comics (I’m also currently reading his Sheriff of Babylon series), and that alone was a sign that this would be a book to check out. It’s by far my favorite super-hero I’m reading right now (despite that fact that I’m not reading a lot of them these days).