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The Stanley Parable

Another Johnny-come-lately game for me is The Stanley Parable, which I was almost embarrassed that I hadn’t yet played – blame the fact that for me, playing games on my MacBook Air is still something I have to really push myself to do. The final push came from the fact that I had so much fun playing the teaser game Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist last month. The Stanley Parable is indeed a really neat experience, although it was slightly ruined for me because I got the ending that gives you a museum tour of the entire game on my second try, and so pretty much got spoiled on most of the other endings. I also have The Beginner’s Guide in my Steam library, so I’ll be playing that soon as well. 

By Jean Snow

Production Services Manager at Ubisoft Shanghai. Before that, half a life spent in Tokyo.