Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Breathe in, breathe out. Don’t let the panic set in. You’ve done this before, you can do it again.

The last time you jacked in you got a lay of the land. This isn’t mission impossible. It’s just mission hard as fuck. Alarms are ringing, but you haven’t been spotted yet.

Not yet.

Push the Little Daisies
You’re located on the level 3 underground floor, which includes two possible exits — a lovely combo of elevators or stairs, both guarded. Elevators can mean doors opening on a guarded welcome, so the stairs are the preferred choice.

The only choice.

You run. Running to the entrance to the stairs, you spot two guards, alert, expecting something. Someone. The data you’ve “borrowed” from the installation is safely stored in your wrist drive. You’re going to make it, but there will be blood.

Oh the Memories
This is the story of a woman. The setting is not important, nor the space. What you need to know is this: if you ever encounter this women, you are likely to a) thank the heavens she’s come for you b) curse your bad luck for having to face her c) die.

But the point of this introduction is to simply make one thing clear: she knows what she’s doing, she knows how to get things done, she gets things done.

Now back to the story.

Running Down a Dream
The two guards are maimed and unconscious — if they were conscious, they’d just be wishing that this had been their day off. The flashing red of the alarm in the stairs would normally lead one to panic, but you don’t. You know what you’re doing. You calmly make your way up the stairs, silently navigating your way around the doors to each successive level, until you reach the ground floor. You can taste extraction.

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By Jean Snow

Production Services Manager at Ubisoft Shanghai. Before that, half a life spent in Tokyo.