Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem
Sitting at his desk, he fumes. Organizations aren’t built in a day, especially criminal ones. Despite what you may think, he doesn’t see himself as a criminal mastermind, or as popular culture would have it, supervillain. He’s just a man who was able to build something through a lot of hard work and perseverance. Yes, a lot of it was conducted by way of less-than-legal means, but that doesn’t take away from what was achieved. An organization, a powerful one, that has not only made him a rich man, but all of the people under him as well — yes, even henchmen and evil scientists reap the benefits of the organization they work to defend and support.

Bring Me Her Head
You could taste extraction, but not yet. As you exit the stairs onto the concourse, you’re met with a campus — this organization doesn’t like the military connotation that “base” suggests — on full alert, with the glare of spotlights making it seem like daytime.

This is not good. Or is it?

Through your Trico M50 earpiece — standard issue for all operatives such as yourself — you listen in on the guard chatter. They know you’re out there, they know you accessed the data you were here to take, and they know you’re trying to get out. What they don’t know, is that this is all part of your plan.

The Man with the Plan
When he received the coded message through the closed network terminal — an old boxey Botsford X550, not high on the tech scale, but still in use because of its ease-of-use and foolproof construction — he wasn’t sure why he’d finally been chosen. As a part-time enlistee, he received enough training to make him feel like a bonafide agent, ready to defend human freedom against all that’s evil in the world. But then comes the wait. He’ll be called on when the need arises. It will be unexpected, and the person contacting him will not be known to him. But his training will kick in, he’ll know what to do, and he’ll do it.

Now’s his time. Here’s the plan.

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By Jean Snow

Production Services Manager at Ubisoft Shanghai. Before that, half a life spent in Tokyo.