Project CARS

I’ve been itching to get into a big racing game of late – outside of my regular Mario Kart online playing, the last racing game I played extensively was Driveclub – and so when I saw that Project CARS was on sale this week on the PSN Store, I jumped on it. My first taste of the game was a rough one. First off, superficially, although the game’s graphics are gorgeous and I like the general graphic design seen through the menus, pretty much all text is close to unreadable because of its size (playing on PS4, on a 32″ TV). After selecting the “amateur” level (out of beginner, amateur, and pro) I found myself struggling incredibly in my first races. I wasn’t always into playing sim games. I never really played Gran Turismo games much, and it was only with Forza 2 (or maybe Project Gotham Racing 3, which I’d consider mid-sim/arcade) that I started enjoying a sim experience – before that, my motto was that if I had to use the breaks, it wasn’t for me. But since Forza 2, I’ve started enjoying sim-like experiences more, and I’d say I’m a decent racer, which is why I thought amateur level would be fine. But I was getting frustrated, so I deleted my save file (the only way it seems you can get that option again) and started the career mode again with beginner. Since then, I’ve been having a lot more fun with it, and winning races, and so I figure that I’ll soon start ramping up difficulty. I’m definitely glad I picked up the game.