With the news coming out this past week that two new seasons of FLCL are going to get made, my first reaction was that I felt it wasn’t really something that needed to happen – instead, why not give these people the opportunity to do something new. My other reaction was a desire to re-watch the series, as I remembered it having fantastic visuals, but I couldn’t remember at all what the story was, and I think that’s why I’ve changed my tune a bit. First of all, FLCL is just as brainbustingly good as it was back then, and I just swallowed all 6 episodes today. But the biggest takeaway is that the genius of the series isn’t in the story, but in the idiosyncratic characters, the funny dialogue, and the crazy and eye-popping visuals and editing. Meaning, if the creators of the original still have some ideas on what to do with these characters, then I’m now quite excited to see what that’s going to look like. And if you’ve never watched FLCL, just do yourself a favor and do that right now.