Voltron: Legendary Defender

When Netflix initially announced that it was producing a new Voltron series, I found myself not caring at all – even though I watched all of Voltron as a kid, I realized that I don’t have any particular nostalgic love for it, like I do for other stuff of the era (and I also preferred the vehicle-powered Voltron over the lion-powered one). But with the series launching the other day, I decided to check it out, and so watched the extra-sized (70 minutes) first episode and the second one. The absolute best thing about the series is that Rhys Darby voices one of the characters (Coran), and you immediately know its him (and I’m in the opinion that Rhys Darby just makes everything better). As for the rest of the show, I’ll say that the animation is pretty slick, but in terms of tone, it’s about the level of The Legend of Korra, which means it’s OK for something produced in the west, but it often gets a bit too juvenile for my taste. I’ll watch a bit more of it though, especially since I find that the scenes with Rhys Darby’s character are truly funny.