Another maid cafe opens in Tokyo. Who cares you say? Well, ItaCafe in Shinjuku isn’t just any old maid cafe, it’s a Russian maid cafe, with cosplayer Nastyan (pictured) being one of the founders. The Japan Times has a write-up about it.

Music Technology

Industrial JP


Industrial JP is such an interesting project: Pair DJs with factories, having them create mixes with industrial sounds. You’ll find a few examples in this Spoon & Tamago post, in the form of videos that combine factory visuals with the resulting music mixes.

Architecture Cafes

Blue Bottle Coffee Nakameguro Cafe


Not only has Blue Bottle Coffee opened up a new cafe in Tokyo — in Nakameguro no less — but it was designed by one of my favorite studios, Schemata Architects. They’ve posted plenty of photos that show off the interior, which on top of the cafe includes space for offices and a training area.


Shinichi Furuya


Nice photo? Sorry, but this is actually a pencil drawing. When I saw this post on Tokyo Soup, I couldn’t believe that all the images on show were drawings, but these YouTube videos are proof enough. They’re all done by illustrator Shinichi Furuya, and you really gotta wonder who he’s managed to achieve such a high level of realism through his pencil work.