Star Wars

Yeah, fuck it, I don’t call it Episode IV or A New Hope, I call it Star Wars. So having just completed my 1986 movie run, I was already itching for another era to dive into, and so 1977 is next. Even though I re-watched this fairly recently (I re-watched every Star Wars movie ahead of the release of The Force Awakens), I found it difficult to start a 1977 run and not include this, since it’s inarguably one of the most (if not the most) groundbreaking and influential films of all time. I can’t even judge if it’s good or not anymore, it’s just what it is, I know every beat almost by heart, and I’m sure I’ll keep re-watching it forever. After I was done my viewing, I was in the mood to do a double bill with Rogue One, which I re-watched for the first time since seeing at the theater on release. I still feel the same way as when I first saw it, which is that it’s now my favorite Star Wars film. It’s just so damn good, and set in the era of Star Wars that I like the most, but from a new perspective, and so it feels so fresh. Really makes me that much more excited for all the other upcoming “A Star Wars Story” films.

By Jean Snow

Senior Manager, Esports at Ubisoft. Before that, half a life spent in Tokyo.