The Beguiled

I was looking forward to watching this because I’m a big fan of Sofia Coppola’s films, and it felt like forever since I’d last seen one — looking up IMDB, I see that her last film was The Bling Ring, back in 2013. As for this, I’ll say that I didn’t much like the story, but what kept me watching was the cinematography. There are some really beautiful shots throughout, especially of sunlight peeking through wooded areas, and long shots that place the characters beautifully. The lighting choices arde also interesting — the film uses natural lighting throughout, meaning all of the interior scenes (which make up most of the film) are really quite somber, which gives it an original look. So it’s probably Coppola’s film I’ve liked the least, but I still got something out of it because of how much I enjoy her work as a director.